Drinking outside the box…

Let us formally introduce you to Boozestorming. Boozestorming is a way for people—usually smart ones—to get together, enjoy a classic beverage like scotch or bourbon, and discuss topics or problems that are personally meaningful. Some structure and facilitation is provided, but the Boozestorming session maintains an organic feel. Participants (guests) are invited to bring a bottle of their favorite thinking juice to enjoy responsibly, but they don’t have to — some hosts make their home and bar available. Simple. Perfect. Beautiful.

As people arrive they list a topic, problem or question on a bar napkin. These are used to drive the discussion. A good session, which should last no more than two hours, covers about two to four topics. Each topic is examined and discussed based on a Don Draper-approved methodology:

  • Known Helpful Information
  • Things to Try
  • New Reality
  • Beverages Consumed

Don’t believe this actually can be fruitful, fun and productive? Do you think it’s just an excuse to drink and keep the maker of Advil in business? Are you worried that Boozestorming is taking the fun out of drinking instead of putting the fun INTO problem solving? Well, you should come see for yourself. There might be an event near you. If not, maybe you would want to host your own.

There is something powerful and cool that grows out of creative ways of addressing stale problems. As previously mentioned, people have been sitting around, drinking refreshing beverages and attempting to solve the pains of the world. What we have done is created a way to get the most out of what we are already doing.