The world needs more hustlers.

We need people who care little for the rules and a great deal about making things happen. Maybe I only say this because I believe I’m a born hustler. One look at my career path reveals this. Since the age of five, I have sold rocks door-to-door, mowed neighborhood lawns, served in the Air Force, performed as a stand-up comedian, managed banks, elevated brands with public relations, inspired agtech entrepreneurs on the West coast, co-founded a several audacious companies and worked on cultivating Midwest startups. Some may look at this list and see a lost soul or clinical ADHD. But when I look back, I know there is something greater than what you see on the surface. Admittedly: I am plagued with new ideas – constantly. This can look meandering. But, moreso, I’m cursed with an earnest need to inspire innovation and to create an environment where incremental change happens. I do this not because innovation is hip. Innovation is the best tool that we humans have for improving our condition. Innovation is healing. Within innovation is the power to heal communities, organizations, people and business. And if there has ever been a time when we need healing, that time is now. We need you to be a hustler. If you are ready for that kind of healing, read some wordsdrink outside the box , be inspired to be a hustler or find your own path to #W15DOM. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list


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