Leadership lessons in the most obvious of places.

This is not about a fancy boardroom or trendy buzz words. This is about life. This is about the lessons being taught all around any given day. This is about learning to see, relate and apply new information as you take it in.

Spend some time exploring your surroundings and discover the next generation of teachers – the streets.

I’ve been fortunate during my career to continue to find ways to reinvent normal or stale situations. My life has followed a strange story arc, but it makes complete sense. This is true about leadership as well; the path is varied, but success comes from consistency. I am not a photographer, I am an observer. I observe and take in life lessons from every angle. Leaders need to do the same.

So, I’ve taken to the streets. My academic training in organizational behavior and leadership provided me with a valuable theoretical foundation; however, theory works best when applied in the most ideal of situations. Life does not always allow us to operate in pristine conditions. I do not find theories to be worthless, I’m just interested in different applications.

Exposed Leadership is my chance to maximize my love of metaphor, urban revitalization, creativity, innovation and leadership in a way that can resonate with others. Included in this post are a few I modified by adding the leadership lesson I pulled from the image.