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IR: The difference between ‘Change the world’ and ‘Change their world’

Changing the world is a lofty and admirable goal; however, it is quite overwhelming when you really think about it. There is good news. By simply adding two letters, the goal becomes much more realistic and tangible. The only difference between “Change The World” and “Change Their World” is the addition of the letters IR. IR = Individual Relationships.

Whether it’s between employees and customers, subordinates and supervisors, or colleague to colleague, there are opportunities in every interaction to Change Their World.

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EntrepreDOERs: The new economy is built by people who get sh!t done

The new economy will be built on several micro-improvements created by entrepreDOERs. There is a way to identify the Doers in organizations and communities – those individuals who are just really good at getting stuff done. If a person is really good at getting stuff done with limited resources, let’s funnel more resources their way. Let’s put resources behind those who can actually get sh!t done.

Talking about entrepreneurship by itself is too boring. Society has been betting on the wrong horses for too long (bubble-type horses); however, a drastic move toward grassroots efforts are too hippy-driven for sustained success. Identifying, supporting and encouraging Doers is a better model.

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Innovation Roadmap: Build new platforms, not just new products

Products are sexy. They are shiny, they get packaged and people buy them up. Sounds good, right? So why not focus on products? Because, in the end, products are boring. Communities, companies and regions should focus on building new platforms. Innovative platforms scale to new markets, create new demands and foster greater wealth. A platform mindset also takes the entire system and builds efficiencies. This discussion will outline the steps necessary to drive innovation within a defined system.

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One Message, Many Mouths: Letting other speak for your organization and making it awesome!

People fear losing control of the message. There is anxiety involved with clearly explaining the role of social media to internal stakeholders, and the constant battle to do more with less. Many are expected to expand the reach without expanding the budget. Learn how to stay on message and make a real impact.

There are three key problems this discussion addresses: organizations with limited financial and human resources often use interns to implement social media strategy; lower-level staff is asked to manage social media accounts and a tool was needed to keep people on message and on strategy; and very little social media strategy is actually based on consumer psychology. A simple Social Media Grid allows almost anyone with the organization to be on message any day of the year.

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Maintaining Passion when Surrounded by Dispassionate People

Some say that people are a product of their environment, and if that is true, then positive can influence negative. New employees come to organizations full of energy, excitement and drive. The last thing that should happen is for the passion to be sucked out of them. Learn to thrive despite the attitudes of those around you.

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Creative People Color within the Lines

Rules. Some people just can’t seem to follow them. Worse yet, people see breaking the rules as a badge of creativity. In reality, the most creative people know how to color within the lines and push innovation and creativity in a way that redefines the overall picture without breaking the rules. It’s easy to win if you break the rules, but can you succeed in the midst of boundaries?

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Smartagious: Spreading Brilliance

Smart isn’t about books, degrees, or titles. Let’s redefine smart. Let’s look at smart from the standpoint of knowledge, activity and impact. A smart organization knows how to maximize and align its talent in way that people are rewarded for true brilliance. Within a Smartagious organization people can clearly articulate what they know, what they do and the overall difference they make. Have you set up your employees to truly spread brilliance?

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