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It is very satisfying to give people new language to use and new behaviors to employ. A good speech shouldn’t simply inspire; it should change people. There are a number of good speakers and thought leaders out there and picking the right one is very important. I am not the right fit for all situations, but below are a few reasons people hire me:

Buzzword Free Zone

The only buzzwords I use are the ones I have created. Some of the approved buzzwords are: Smartagious, Boozestorming, 3dership and Kindtagious.

New Realities Are Created

The work I do drives people to be better. There are clear action items and new behaviors to try. People’s attitudes, behaviors and perspectives will change.

Strategically Creative & Creatively Strategic

The work I do will stimulate both sides of the brain. I have the unique ability to combine art and empirical data to make a point.

Laughter Happens

Don’t worry; I won’t turn your event into a comedy show. I don’t travel with a fake brick backdrop. I find the humor in very serious topics and use laughter to help people adopt new concepts.

The Show Must Go On

As much as we love technology, I am not dependent on it. When you hire a professional, you get a professional. A power outage or projector meltdown won’t stop me.

100% Guarantee

We will discuss your goals in advance and outline my role in helping you achieve those goals. We succeed together or not at all.

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Let’s talk about how I can help you.