NYC, Christmas & Kim Jong Un

I went to NYC for the first time and decided to take a stab at doing standup comedy. I did standup for about three years in California, and getting time on a stage in NYC would be a true bucket list item. So, while on the plane from St. Louis to NY, I wrote a King Jong Un bit for my set…the set I was going to perform in a comedy club in NYC.

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Five Functional Lessons from the Dysfunctional House of Cards

Admit it, you were glued to every episode. You might have equally despised and identified with the characters. It was well-written, well-acted, and well-watched. It reminded me of watching Karate Kid when I was young. I instantly wanted to rush out and try every cool move I saw in the film. Well, if you do that with House of Cards, you either have very few friends at this point or are one step closer to a plush Washington DC career. Just like Mr. Miyagi taught us, the lesson might be deeper than what is presented on the surface. I mean, there have to be some solid lessons we can glean from Francis and the gang, right?

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