I went to NYC for the first time and decided to take a stab at doing standup comedy. I did standup for about three years in California, and getting time on a stage in NYC would be a true bucket list item. So, while on the plane from St. Louis to NY, I wrote a King Jong Un bit for my set…the set I was going to perform in a comedy club in NYC.

In December 2013, Kim Jong Un had his Uncle Jeng executed because Jeng was not a faithful follower – in fact, Jeng might have been conspiring against Kim. Bad move, Uncle Jeng. First of all, Uncle Jeng wasn’t very careful, because it seemed like Un found out pretty easily. Second, this came right at the Christmas holiday season. That’s intense.

  • Sure the NSA is spying on all of us in the US, but all Kim Jong Un has to do is dress up like Santa and let his uncle sit on his lap. Be careful what you ask for, Uncle Jeng.
  • All Kim Jong Un was trying to do was clean up his Christmas card list. That can get out of control and you end up sending cards to people you don’t really like. Uncle Jeng is officially off the list.
  • This is going to make the Secret Santa gift exchange a bit awkward at the Un family Christmas. Uncle Jeng?
  • It could be like that final scene in the movie Seven. Everyone notices that Uncle Jeng isn’t there and starts asking, “What’s in the box, Kim. Come on, Un, what’s in the box?”
  • BTW, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is actually an approved execution method in North Korea.
  • Trying to rush home to get those special Christmas shoes to mom before it’s too late? Sorry. Christmas shoes can’t stop an execution.
  • The only way to keep the family calm is if Kim Jong Un does a little Weekend at Bernie’s with Uncle Jeng.

Here’s me, on the stage, at a comedy club, in NYC, not bombing.

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